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Falling in Love with Earth

A conversation with the wisdom we carry, celebrating and prioritizing the basis of these gifts in relationship with our environment + the world.

Meant for anyone, anywhere, seeking to deepen connection through embodied awareness + intentional communication with self + environment.

May 8 • May 15 • May 22 1-2PM join us live or catch the recording later*

*All classes will be recorded for download, so you can engage this medicine on your own time or revisit it later if you choose.

Week One: Celebrate yourself.

  • Realizing yourself as medicine

  • Growing embodied experience + resources to bring your medicine into your conscious awareness more frequently

  • Cultivating your capacity for compassion, for change, and for resilience

Week Two: Finding the elements’ resonance within.

  • Connecting with how you carry the elements of life

  • Sensing + cultivating that resonance within you

  • Celebrating the qualities you share with the world to engage the elements

Week Three: Knowing the elements’ resonance in your environment.

  • Connecting to environment as community + building real relationships

  • Communicating with your neighbors in intention + integrity

  • Celebrating the wisdom these neighbors share in medicine