Embodying Resilience Spring

Embodying Resilience: Summer

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 7-8:45PM $29
Happy Body Space at Biltmore Village | Asheville, NC

There’s a sense of life coming in, a subtle inspiration that’ll grow us as we watch life spring up all around us.


Seasonal shifts offer us an opportunity to tap into our process.

Spring welcomes the possibility for us to

… recreate our patterns around nourishment and health in our bodies, in our minds, and most especially in our emotions

… align with the wood element, strength, vision, and clarity

… growing in liver connection, understanding stagnancy and anger

… widening perspectives to see our options, to make wise steps forward

… choose a way forward that claims our intentions while embracing all the possibility of the year ahead

Embodying Resilience is a year-long series for you who are

  • seeking to harness the rising energy of this season, to grow yourself in the direction of your dreams, whatever they may be

  • craving deeper connection with the seasons, learning how these connections can inform your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being

  • recognizing challenges and sensitivities that show up consistently and even seasonally

  • intentional about growing your relationship with the medicine of the earth

Embodying Resilience Spring

Based in embodied experiencing, this series integrates elements of

  • Chinese Medicine,

  • Plant Medicine,

  • & Intuitive Relationship

to grow our capacity for and language around intentional healing.


Is this medicine is calling you? If you feel challenges show up as

  • difficulties your eyes and your vision

  • uncomfortable digestion

  • heaviness, lethargy

  • lack of creativity

  • being inspired and stuck at the same time

  • headaches

  • rocky emotions

  • overwhelm

  • tension that keeps you from moving your body freely

Nourish your being and satisfy your deep cravings with this earthy conversation.


It’s possible.

Equity seats and sliding scale spaces are available. Please connect with us at info@rootdeepliving.com to reserve your space.


Connect with

  • Earth medicine elixir to connect deeply with the season

  • Embodied meditation for growing deep courage and trust in the process

  • Tools for manifesting your intentions for the season

  • Daily ritual support for real, vital change

  • Resourcing with the earth medicine of spring

Be yourself

  • Wear comfy clothes that make you feel delightful

  • Bring your journal

  • We’ll be sitting and lounging and resting for meditation. Blankets and pillows are available, but bring anything else you may appreciate to be most comfortable.

Embodying Resilience Spring