Integrative Earth Medicine Practice

by Kai

A five month intensive, awakening will gather for class Wednesdays from February 5 through June 24 from 1-5 for four hours of study.

This course is about anchoring into the modality track of your aligning and growing your capacity to engage with earth medicine through practical application in healing settings. You will listen, explore, and integrate as you cultivate your personal relationship with this medicine and grow your knowledge and wisdom in applying earth medicine in wider settings.

Tuesdays February 5 through June 24

300 Hours In-Depth Instruction • Mentorship • Supported Independent Study

Cultivate and Apply Your Practical Skills and Resources

Choose your track.

Stone Medicine & Vibrational Healing

Intuitive Earth Relationship & Embodied Medicine

Herbalism & Deep Plant Medicine


awakening 300 Hour Break Down

120 Hours  ▪▪▪  Awakening Classes Tuesdays 1-5 February to June
30 Hours  
▪▪▪  One-to-One Mentorship aligning with your modality track through October
150 Hours 
▪▪▪  Embodied Application & Self-Guided Study

Self-Guided Study Includes

  • 30   Mentorship Connection integrating what you learn in your mentorship sessions

  • 25   Developing Your Materia Medica

  • 65   Research & Embodied Application

  • 30   Wild & Generous Relationship

Syllabus will be announced soon.

Awakening Earth Medicine Course

Class time will support your deepening self-guided education, going further with clinical herbal materica medica and clinical stone medicine materia medica, cultivating a practice that's both well informed and intuitive, understanding how to engage with and work alongside other therapies including pharmaceuticals, and building your own case studies and research.

You'll find a thoughtful, embodied perspective on anatomy and physiology for holistic medicine; digestive connection; hormone balance and cycle health; respiratory health and breath; vital heart health; autoimmune concerns, allergies, and inflammation; depression and anxiety; and unconventional healing considerations. 

This deep study and learning will be enhanced with daily ritual and rhythm, informing a perspective that allows you to understand healing in a new light every day.

You choose a track
• Stone Medicine & Vibrational Healing
• Herbalism & Deep Plant Medicine
• Intuitive Earth Relationship & Embodied Medicine

and work one-to-one with Graham or a dwelling mentor throughout the year to engage the questions that arise in your practice and focus how you choose to anchor your medicine in the world.

Applications are open to students who have completed formal or self-guided study that meets the awakening prerequisites. Contact with questions.


awakening is the second year of three annual courses designed to inspire and inform you
as you cultivate relationship and integrity with earth medicine. Learn more about years one and three.