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Admissions are currently open for invitation through January 18, 2018. The course begins February 5, 2019.

All payments apply towards your tuition.

Application Fee   $71

Course Deposit   $275

Payment plans:

Option One:   $2199
Payment in full by 2/5/19

Option Two:   Payments of $561  
Four part payment plan starting 2/5/19

Option Three:   Payments of $360  
Seven payments through 6/18/19

Pay by Mail:

You are welcome to pay for invitation online above or by sending a check made out to Graham Wesley to

Graham Wesley, Root Deep
P.O. Box #1714
Asheville, NC 28802

Cancellation Policy:

Application and course deposit fees for invitation are non-refundable. If a student withdraws from the course in advance of January 5, further tuition payments will be refunded minus a small transaction fee.  No refunds will be offered after January 5, 2019.

The exchange.

What you receive…

123 hours of informative, celebratory, and practical class time including

• Introduction to Embodiment
• Introduction to Herbal Medicine
• Introduction to Stone Medicine
• In-Depth Materia Medica for 21 herbs
• In-Depth Materia Medica for 7 Stones
• Essential Oils + Aromatherapy
• Vibrational Medicine with Flower + Stone Essences
• Herbal Medicine Making
• Medicine Cultivation + Wildcrafting
• Food as Medicine
• Imbalance & Patterns of Disease
• Integrative Healing around Systems of the Body
• Evolution of Healing Traditions & Practices
• Cultural, Racial, Economic, & Other Impacts to Healing Processes
• Ethical Connection with Earth Medicine
• Intuitive Relationship with Medicine
and more

8 hours of one-to-one mentorship with your choice of instructors

Guidance and support around 69 hours of intentional self-study

200 Hour Earth Medicine Fundamentals Certificate upon completion of the course

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