Resilient Relationship & Clinical Skills


Coming 2021

100+ Hours of Guided Clinical Study and Practice

Intended to support you in the final steps of growing into practice, presence focuses on apprentice-style learning and class connections to answer your persistent questions and invite you into clarity and integrity in your work.

Supporting the development and evolution of clinical skills for a varied practice, you'll find quite a different syllabus here. In addition to Western applications of holistic medicine, meeting symptoms and diagnoses, you'll also consider intuitive work and deep wisdom in healing conversations. Honoring the unwinding of unnecessary, damaging, and painful stories and experiences, you'll find opportunities to grow deeper in connection with earth medicine as you expand your healing conversations beyond that which we can touch and see to medicine we experience in our dreams, subconscious connections, and intimate relationships.

Applications will be open to students who have completed formal or self-guided study that meets the presence prerequisites. Contact with questions.

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by Kai Leathers

presence is the third year of three annual courses designed to inspire and inform you
as you cultivate relationship and integrity with earth medicine. Learn more about years one and two.