Earth Medicine


     Plant Medicine

relationships to nourish, mend, restore, and inspire
teas  |  tinctures  |  syrups  |  salves
powders  |  flower essences  |  essential oils

Stone Medicine

allies to anchor, dissolve, transform, and evolve
elixirs  |  grids  |  cleansing
transformation  |  meditation  |  treatments

Embodied Medicine

connections to widen, shift, affirm, and resound
awareness  |  mindfulness  |  experience |  intuition


This support is about your healing work.

Custom sessions and formulations crafted around your constitution, your experience, and your intentions.



The starting place. We begin with a conversation. It's a time for you to share about your interest in seeking out earth medicine as well as your personal healing intentions. We'll discuss any questions you have and you'll learn how your preferred allies (herbalism, stone medicine and embodiment or some combination of these) can support your process. If you'd like and as time allows, you might experience a short stone treatment or guided embodiment practice, thoughtful integration of this medicine.

Consultations take place in person at my space in Biltmore Village or remotely over the phone or Zoom. When applicable, you'll receive a written note of recommendations for you within several days of your session. If you choose, you may order your custom herbal formula from Root Deep, with directions for optimal and safe use included, at a separate charge. Follow-up consultations are recommended for your whole health, and you may find you'd like to explore package options for your sessions.

Earth Medicine Session


…Plant and stone medicine, embodiment, or any combination of these healing resources that aligns with your intentions.

We'll connect in conversation and holistic assessment, discuss where you might request support and what resources might be aligned as allies for you at this time. When applicable, you'll receive a written note of recommendations for you following your session. You may choose to order custom formulas from Root Deep if you like at a separate cost.

90 Minutes $165
60 Minutes $118
30 Minutes $71



Experience stone medicine — the grounding, transformative, resonant character of stones. Sessions take place lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed. After a short conversation and assessment, specific stones are chosen to reflect your intentions and where you are in your process. Stone treatments are especially aligned for seasons of change that resonate in your embodied experience like grief and stress as well as seasons of alignment when you’re feeling clear and possible. Of course, at many times in our lives, our experience isn’t so simply one or the other, and a stone treatment may also serve to support you in discerning where you are and where you want to heal and grow.

In your session, stones are placed on the body along energetic channels (like meridians) and centers (like chakras) that are evident throughout our beings. You will rest with the stones and may request gentle energetic and embodiment work to be incorporated as well if you like. At the end of your session, the stones will be removed, and you will receive a recommendation for a stone elixir. If you choose, you can pick up your Root Deep blended custom stone elixir in the next few days.

60 Minutes $94

Stone Medicine Treatment

Sliding Scale

All of our sessions are available at a sliding scale, intended to support accessibility and ease of healing access. If you are curious about our sliding scale practices or prices, please connect with Graham at


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