Embodying Resilience
for the Summer

ONLINE Monday, July 1, 2019 5:30PM-6:45PM

Connect with the seasonal healing opportunities of summer. Join us!


Embodying Resilience for the Summer includes

    to connect with the fire in you (feel juicy and relaxed and ready for your medicine)

    with plant medicine, stone medicine, embodied being, ancestral traditions, and intuitive relationship (learn about what is up for us internally and environmentally with this fiery season)

  3. EXPERIENTIAL MEDICINE through stone treatment and deep medicine connection*
    so you can sense your being growing in capacity to harness the medicine of fire

*In an online class!? How? I’ll share with you the resources and steps you need to set up a nourishing, balanced space for yourself. You’ll have an option to incorporate stones you may have at home or choose other elements of healing such as essential oils, wild treasures, or energetic connection to engage the treatment. Send me a message if you have more questions!

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Do you feel the fire?

I know I do! It’s not just heat, though. Summer invites us into

… Aligning our inspirations with that deepest sense of purpose, so that what you give your energy to brings you life.

… Claiming what’s , powerful, strong, deep, magical, and wise about ourselves — wielding the truth we carry.

… Cultivating relationship through true expression — an opportunity to build real connections.

… Celebrating. That’s it. Just being a joyful, grateful creature.

We get to do an important sort of identity work in summer — self awareness, self expression, sensitivity, openness — from a place of compassion, growing clearer in ourselves as our hearts break open to we connect even more deeply with the experiences of others.


Embodying Resilience is a drop-in series for you who are

  • seeking to harness the powerful energy of this season and grow into the vibrance of the medicine you carry

  • craving deeper connection with the seasons, learning how these connections can inform your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being

  • recognizing challenges and sensitivities that show up consistently and even seasonally

  • intentional about growing your relationship with the medicine of the earth


Based in embodied experiencing, this series integrates elements of

Plant & Stone Medicine,

Elemental Connections,

& Intuitive Relationship

to grow our capacity for and language around intentional healing.


Is this medicine is calling you? If you feel challenges show up as

  • hypersensitivity, tendency toward big and changing emotions

  • constipation and gas

  • craving stimulants like caffeine and sugar to feel “on”

  • thirst, dryness

  • sort nose, sore throat, dry cough, irritated eyes

  • distraction, doubt

  • restlessness, anxiety

  • can’t quite say what you mean

  • balancing expression and connection with boundaries

  • insecurity

Nourish your being and satisfy your deep cravings with this earthy conversation.


It’s possible. Equity seats and sliding scale spaces are available!

If you’re interested in one of these opportunities, please connect with us at to reserve your space.


Connect with

  • Earth medicine elixir to connect deeply with the season

  • Embodied meditation for growing deep courage and trust in the process

  • Tools for manifesting your intentions for the season

  • Daily ritual support for real, vital change

  • Resourcing with the earth medicine of spring

Be yourself

  • Wear comfy clothes that make you feel like yourself

  • Bring your journal

  • We’ll be sitting and lounging and resting for meditation. Blankets and pillows are available, but bring anything else you may appreciate to be most comfortable.

Calendula 2.jpg