Essences & Elixirs

Essences & Elixirs

working with vibrational plant medicine

Thursday, August 22, 2019 6PM - 8PM
Wildflower Tea Shop | Chattanooga, TN

You are ready to craft the deep sort of medicine, ready to
draw together the wisdom and the science and bring a resonance that meets all our layers.
This is the possibility of elixirs, bringing the medicine of essence into our earth connection conversations.

one: Essences & How They Work

two: Tap into the Medicine of Resonance
& Working with Energy, Emotions, Superpowers, & Navigating Big Healing Questions

three: Incorporating Essences with Other Herbal Medicines

four: Make Your Own

listening is at the heart of plant medicine, healing our hearts in the process.


The medicine of plant allies extends far beyond our food and supplement options. We can connect with plants at a deeper layer, navigating emotional healing and connecting with our spirits. Flower essences and plant elixirs are often called “vibrational medicine,” meaning their resonance is more subtle in our bodies.

Whereas tinctures and capsules engage us on a chemical level, essences and elixirs invite us into a different sort of conversation where we can touch questions of healing around relationship, personality, expression in the world, creative inspiration, trauma support, and transition.

Flower Essences

some of our deepest answers lie just beneath the surface
of the conversation we’ve been having.


This is medicine for folks who want to bring their conversations with plants into their medicine, who crave the integration of what you know is true — that we heal in relationship and healing is possible on all levels when we are connected with ourselves and our medicine.


begin again with vibrational earth medicine.

No experience necessary! Gather with us to learn what essences and elixirs actually are, how they work, and how to make essences and elixirs on your own. Grow your connection with the medicine you engage and widen your conversation with the healing power of plants. You’ll take home a flower essence that speaks to you and your healing these days along with a heart full of information about how to continue working with this medicine on your own and in community.