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What is earth medicine? 

It's everything! Truly, though, when I say earth medicine, I'm talking about the wisdom and healing support of those allies who greet us from the earth. Think about the most fundamental aspects of our earthly experience. You might be familiar with herbalism or plant medicine as well as stone or mineral medicine, but this conversation is not complete without considering also the water, light, animal beings and abundant other resources present with us in this experience. And perhaps most essentially, earth medicine must also include our exploration of self and our relationships with our human family.

It is powerful presence to be in awareness of our relationship with the planet and all that dwells on and in and around it. 

Stones? As medicine? Is this for people who are into crystals?

We're walking and talking stone medicine on a daily basis on this planet. Every day, we consume minerals that are widely present in stones through the food we eat. The land our homes and workplaces and stomping grounds rest on is full of stones of various composition and structure... It's certainly easier to remember this in some places more than others. Hello Appalachians, waterfalls and wells!

My education around stone medicine, in addition to the magnificent experience of living on this planet, is based in ancient practices of Daoism as passed on through Sarah Thomas, L.Ac., and Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist priest in the Jade Purity lineage. In this tradition, stones are exceptional allies in meeting us on the deepest layer of our being, our essence level or yuan. At this layer, we find our souls, our deepest selves. Stones are potent allies in addressing the concerns that challenge us in our deepest layers. 

There are abundant options as to how to work with stone medicine, but I encourage you to consider making a consultation appointment to explore your right fit. This might include a treatment with stones on the body (not unlike acupuncture, except no needles), a custom elixir for your intentions or meditation with a stone.

What about embodiment? I've heard of it, but what does it really mean?

I'm so grateful that embodiment is buzzing around these days. It's time, yall. We're remembering the wisdom that inspired our ancestors' thriving relationships in community with each other and with the earth. And this practice starts with self.

Embodiment is about cultivating our awareness of what goes on in our physical system and broadening our awareness to incorporate the energetic, mental and emotional layers of our experience as well. It's powerful attention to what is balance, what is challenge and ease in the body, noticing healthy resonance and inviting clarity. Engaging with embodiment is creating tools to shift any dissonance that arises in our systems. 

For me, directing my focus inward, widening my perception to be about my cells, my fluids, my endocrine wisdom and my intuitive connections, allows me the most freedom and stability in my day to day life and creates the foundation I need to pursue my passions in this living.

How do your sessions work?

Every session is built for you - aligning with your specific intentions and requests.

After your free consultation, we'll both have a good idea about which direction most suits your needs. It's simpler to think about herbal medicine for the physical body, stone medicine for the deeper layers of our being and embodiment as an integrative resource for all our layers. However, none of these practices is totally independent of the others, and I encourage you to think about the wide potential of a combination of these. 

Step One: free 30 minute consultation over the phone
Step Two: 90 minute initial consultation ~ your choice of herbalism, stones and embodiment or a combination of these
Step Three: your recommendations ~ lifestyle invitations and nourishment ideas along with tinctures, teas and elixirs... custom formulations to support you in your process

All of the sessions I offer include an educational element, so you'll leave feeling refreshed, inspired and a bit more informed about something new.

More questions? You know where to find me!

Do you offer herbalism certifications?

My introductory herbal education offering, Invitation, serves as a strong introduction to traditional practices of herbal medicine. It is by no means comprehensive, as any course of this length will fall short, but it's a quality introduction that will provide the necessary layers for you to engage more fully in other herbalism programs in Asheville and beyond. You'll also be prepared to join us for the next level of classes with Root Deep. 

Invitation is unique offering. While creating a clear foundation in herbalism basics, we'll also cover a number of other layers for a beautifully integrative earth medicine conversation. Ready? More information is available here.

Questions still abrewin?

No problem. Just give me a shout! Email me at or contact me through this form.