Groundwork in Stone Medicine

Stone Grid

What’s Your Stone Story?

To be honest, I didn’t have one. Not at the beginning.

But now

I remember.

And there are so many stone stories.

Do you see yourself — anywhere from three to 113 (past, present, or future) — in connection with stones? with their medicine?

This invitation is for you.




Monday, October 28, 2019 6:00PM - 9:00PM EST Live Online Class*

*The class will be recorded, and all registrants receive access to the recording for download.


Stone Medicine

This Is Essence-Layer Work

Medicine of the earth, like us. Stones come to us for healing at the deepest layers of our being — transforming the patterns and stories in that keep us from realizing our wholeness and living life in fullness. These are some of our strongest earth allies for truly expansive healing work.


Through Groundwork in Stone Medicine…

This class is an introduction to cultivating real, respectful, and embodied relationship with stone medicine through intuitive and traditional perspectives. We’ll talk about how ancestors of many traditions trusted this medicine and how we can find our own trust in stone medicine today. We’ll discuss why we might look to stones for healing at the level of our bone marrow, our endocrine glands, our spirits, and the journey of our souls. And we’ll explore the materia medica for stones that will support us in moving through grief, fear, self doubt, distrust, and other roadblocks to our living our truths, ultimately cultivating a connection with these grounded resources we can access anywhere on the planet. We will explore stone medicine applications, including treatments and grids for a truly experiential endeavor.


Finding Your Grounded Connection with Stones & Their Medicine

Groundwork in Stone Medicine

For beings new to stone medicine conversations and experienced healing arts practitioners, this workshop is focused on offering a guided, grounded way of relating to stone medicine, inviting connections that deepen the impact of stone healing sessions and amplify the resonance of grids and earth connections across the world. This is medicine for anyone seeking to bring stronger potential to their work, personal or professional, and anchor their intentions in love and clarity with the support of the crystalline resonance of stones. Stone medicine can be especially helpful in navigating seasons of transition and manifesting serious intentions with clarity and support. Grounded in medicine that comes to us from deep within the earth, this gathering actually rocks.


How to Prepare

  • Create your learning container. Wear what you want to wear. Set up your space to be nourishing (quiet, candles, light, etc.) — anything that feels good to you for learning and welcoming this medicine.

  • Notebook and pen if you want to take notes. Journal if you want to record your experiences with the medicine that way too.

  • I’d grab a sip of water and maybe a cup of tea too. It’s part of the medicine.

  • Open your heart and listen for this learning to come in. The medicine has almost definitely already begun.

Stone Elixir

Are you ready to live into this