Living Practice

- the syllabus -

Earth & Vessel

Session One.

Building, restoring, or reshaping the container for your work. Make it possible for you to be who you are and do what you do. Anchoring your practice in stability and clarity to set you up for freedom.

What are the questions that are strongest for you right now in your work?

What kind of world do you want to be cocreating?

What are the roles of dreaming and fear in your process?

Wood & Web

Session Two.

Building your web. Understanding the energy that brought you here and sensing the potential for what will be. Rooting into the truth of our stories, understanding what is real.

How do you connect with your truth?

What are the ancestral, traditional, and lived roots that ground your story?

Where do you source the vision you’re bringing to life?

Fire & Pulse

Session Three.

Finding electricity.  Navigating seasonal and rhythmic shifts in energy. Aligning where we can focus with what’s being asked of us.

How do you engage with what is?

How can you call in resources and energies that feel outside of possibility?

Remembering how to nourish, build, engage, restore, resource, evolve. Remembering how to do this together.

Water & Activation

Session Four.

Understanding connection through and beyond the material. Finding movement with time, money, connection, space, creativity, and possibility. Growing capacity for challenge, change, and evolution.

What informs your relationships?

How do you grow your embodied relationships to support the flow?

Can you trust deeper than you have before?

Metal & Design

Session Five.

Acute perception and integration. Checking judgment in favor of awareness. Working with the energies present. Calling up all the elements. Facilitating your own freedom.

How do you actually do this work?

Where are your superpowers? How do they show up for you here?

Nourishing first. Allowing the process. Celebrating the beings involved. Sustaining integrity. Creating the stones that will support and inspire your path.

In Evolution

Session Six.

Heartspace projections onto paper (or fiber or moon dancing on the leaf-strewn earth). Remembering the openness, the freedom for evolution. 

Understanding sustainability in practice. Incorporating elemental awareness as boundaries. Growing compassion in all directions.

Anchoring your intentions into the wide, wild world.  Guided by grace and wisdom.

In Fullness

Session Seven.

Being. Now and tomorrow. Myself. Yourself. Ourselves.

Your medicine and how it looks, what it means, how you share it. Your medicine and how it is shaped, how it will be shaped by the world.

What invitations beckon your spirit?

What are the priorities that motivate and move you?

Where will you celebrate balance, spaciousness, landing, peace, and wonder?



Delivered to your inbox every other Friday morning from August 30 through November 22.

Classes are complemented by the Living Practice Workbook, an interactive opportunity to think about and engage the questions at hand, apply what you’re learning, and grow your work in a way that’s creative, inspired, connected, and clear.

It also includes love notes from me. It’s what we’re here for, yall.



inspired by earth rhythms, 
informed by your medicine,
anchored in crystalline clarity




ONE. Five element assessment + integration: understanding how your constitution + predominant personality qualities can nourish + inform your work. 

TWO. Building the practice to build your work. Shaping, strengthening, refining, and energizing your practice.

THREE. Resources for further unfolding. Intake, services, community involvement, collaboration, accountability, and medicine for your own well being.

Round Table

Round Table.

Every other Wednesday 12PM - 1PM September 4 through November 13

Six 60 minute live gatherings navigating whatever you bring to the table

  • Question and answer with Graham and experienced and budding practitioners of various traditions and earth medicine related practices

  • Real life practical questions and community contributions

  • Accountability and support in practice

  • Engaging what comes up around ethics, equity, intention, and action in practice


Collaboration Forum.

  • Access with Graham and the Living Practice cohort through an app forum

  • For text-based conversation amongst each other, resource sharing, and collaborative processing

  • Questions answered and collective imagination in outside of and within space and time



- be your medicine in the world -

join us.