Light a Candle

How will these changes manifest in my life?

What will I have to show for all of this self work?

It’s been a rainy week in Asheville. These days, I find myself wishing to be nestled in the woods, cozied up next to a warm stove with tea emanating earthy vibes throughout my space. I’m ready. Ready for the completion of all this transition, transformation. The season of death is serving, and I’m feeling the call to integration.

But this sort of thing doesn’t happen quickly. It’s about practice, devotion to our intentions, cultivating support and nourishment to allow us to really live into this journey, the evolution of our conscious healing.

And so this evening, I’ll light a candle.

It’s what I’ve got. A flame, burning atop a thoughtfully crafted beeswax body, with leaves pressed gently against its edges to remind me of where we all might find more healing.


Wild. Potent. Often extreme. It’s destructive. It’s rejuvenative. It’s important.

As mighty fires rage in southern California, on the east coast we see photos, videos, marking the devastation. The intensity of the flames dancing, racing, growing into shapes that require our attention.

We’ve work to do.

So I light a candle to honor the flame, fire in a simpler form, with all the capacities of great forest burns. It’s medicine. In it’s destruction, it is also nourishment. And as we shift our relationship to the way our environment navigates its own potential, we can better understand ours. We are here to be in relationship, to navigate the tides, to celebrate the balance and vibrancy and dynamism of the world around us. We are here. We are part of all of this.

This is how we integrate our medicine.

If you’re feeling a call to go deeper with your own work in discerning just how you are most capable of sharing your gifts with the world around us, in nourishing your body, mind, and spirit to have the capacity to be of service, and in aligning your day-to-day living with the meaning you know is somewhere in all of this… I’ve got some resources that may suit you in this moment. Send me a note. I look forward to our connection.