When We're In Our Medicine

I love working with the word medicine. I’m certain we can find as many definitions among us as there are experiences in this living. At nearly every turn, we are met with another opportunity to seek out and find real medicine.

So what is it?

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Medicine is what changes us.

It’s a simple way of talking about it, but really… Medicine is what moves us in the direction of healing. In this way, I like to think that authentic medicine changes us for the better.

There’s a resonance, a deeper kind of comfort we feel when we find medicine that is totally aligned with where we are in the process.

My favorite medicine widens me.

It softens hard edges, nourishes my deep self, and helps brings me to a place where I can imagine what healing might look like today, tomorrow, and always.


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And no matter how this medicine finds me, what it looks like, or how I work with it, when I’m in my medicine, I’m more of myself.

I fill a bit more of my shoes. I move with greater confidence and integrity. I feel inspired and engaged, even if only a little bit. My medicine changes me for the better.

Even in the tough spots, if we're in our medicine, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We can trust the process.

And we recognize that we (yes, you and me) are the most essential aspect of our healing.


▵  ◈ ▵


So really, the first step of finding my medicine, in any moment, is finding myself. Where am I? What am I looking for?

Even if questions lead to more questions, if we keep asking we will find our medicine. We’ll find a resource, a moment, a place, an idea, an ally… something that we can drop in with, that feels wholly aligned in this moment. Something that allows me to know myself better.


That’s medicine.


Until next time, creatures...


Graham Wesley