Summertime Allies

These days, yall! The lists are heavy with things to do, places to go, people to see. Some of us thrive in this and others of us require a bit extra self care around the edges in these busy times.


▵  ◈  ▵


For me, the practice is about deep breaths, moments of freedom, and getting my feet (or this whole person) in wild water as often as possible. I’m not too picky, though. Most any water will do. It’s about eating fresh foods and spending time with beautiful people and remembering what I want to keep at the top of my to do list.


As things get overwhelming, I'm learning to look for places where I can be generous, where my spirit is nourished, and where I can truly receive love and nourishment too. I’m excited to be spending a day each week teaching some of my favorite kids how to swim and be happy in water. (It’s like water yoga, yeah?) I make time each day, even if it’s just a moment or two,  to be creative. And I welcome the good love of the people around me in sharing their magical company and delicious food and belly laughs.


Whoever you are, there's a great deal of medicine in us and in the world around us to support us in finding freedom and flow. We’ve an invitation always, but especially in this season of vibrant colors, sweet smells, breezes, rain, and sunshine, and delicious fresh food… We must only open our senses to what surrounds us to tap into the medicine all around.


▵  ◈ ▵


You know I love to have my allies on board. Here are a few coming up strong and frequently for me, my students, and my clients. If these call to you, I encourage you to spend a little time with them. Meditate with your ally in your mind and heart; dream with your ally; seek out an essence, oil or other practical medicine with your ally in it. If you need some support or have questions, just ask.    Here's to the practice, creatures.



Clarity   &   Clear Quartz Medicine

  • Refining our focus, clarifying our attention so we can give our energy to what matters

  • Softening the business and buzz to honor real truth

  • Amplifying the energy around what means the most to us in this season



Wild Water for Deep Movement

  • Connecting with real freedom, real grace, real flow in the world to understand it in ourselves and feel the movement of all that surrounds us

  • Feeling true refreshment and potential resonate throughout our beings

  • Dropping in with ancient wisdom carried by these waters over long distances and for a long time



Flow   &   Kyanite Medicine

This one makes most every list for me...

  • Connecting with the water within

  • Cultivating real ease that rises up in our bodies

  • Navigating obstacles with grace

  • Facilitating connection among all our channels for fluid communication throughout



Goodness,   Grace,   &   Mica Medicine

  • Knowing we are, we've always been, and we'll always be more than enough

  • Moving through our medicine and our living in layers

  • Knowing our capacity to do the work


Wide love, creatures…