Getting in Touch with Energy

Energy. It seems sometimes to be just beyond understanding. But it’s always present. It's essential to our existence and our experience. We can narrow our attention to the tiniest particles of our being or widen our view to better understand our complex anatomy, emotions, and spirit through the lens of energetic communication. It’s a powerful tool for healing work, to be “in touch” with our energy.

It’s the reason we love to breathe deeply in a fresh forest. It’s the way we feel when we actually dance as though no one is watching. It’s the inspiration to take the hand of one we love.

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Energy is everywhere, and the more we recognize and understand this part of our experience, the more capacity we have to call upon energetic support and healing.

I’ve found that knowing myself as an energetic creature allows me a deeper clarity when it comes to nonverbal communication, whether with humxns, plants, stones, or earth. Knowing this, too, allows me more freedom in acknowledging that my sensitivities are also my superpowers (more on that soon) and that I can engage my own energetic resonance to influence my health, my home, my relationships, and my work.


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Ready to begin practicing? It's not difficult. Create a space at home or resting on the earth that is comfortable and safe. Read ahead and do your best to make room for these steps or check out the recording available (see below).

Cultivating Energetic Awareness 


Relax. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

Gently, allow yourself to notice your body, your physiologically functioning system. Notice your heart, your mind.

And then allow your awareness to move into the space just beyond your skin. It’s still you, just a bit wider. Start small. Breathe deeply.

Notice what you connect with here, just beyond your skin. How does it feel? Breathe deeply. Resonate here for a little while.

When you’re ready, gently bring yourself back into your bones, your body resting here. Open your eyes and bring some subtle movement into your system.



Note anything you’d like to remember about this experience and try again tomorrow.


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Thanks for your presence, for widening and growing with  me.


Wide love, creatures.