Autumnal Equinox & Growing Resilience

This morning I sat on the porch of a kind pair of beings in Pecos, New Mexico, to breathe and witness the day. The morning. Around me animals greeted and called to one another. The sun rose in the sky and I could hear the bustling of humans too.

⬩   ⬩ ⬩

It’s a moment of change. Equinox. In this hemisphere, we honor the transition from summer to autumn. A shift, yes, but also a moment of balance. A space for us to experience and consider width, intention, and allowance.

The strongest  invitation this morning was one of resilience. In this moment, we’ve an opportunity to clarify in our systems—body, mind, spirit, soul—what resonates. What jives with us. What inspires us. What changes us to reflect more fully what is present at our core.

⬩   ⬩ ⬩

The opportunity to cultivate resilience shows up in the ways we nourish—in our daily habits, in our passions and creativity, in our relationships (including those with other-than-humxn beings), and in our intentions.

⬩   ⬩ ⬩

We have a great capacity for resilience. At the core of my practice this season is a recommitment to and renewal of my morning meditation. I was reminded by bright teacher Jeffrey Yuen last weekend that we can work with meditation to cultivate qualities and aspects of ourselves we want to strengthen. It was an important reminder to me that meditation doesn’t have to be about clearing everything out all the time. In the past week, since I’ve opened to this new perspective in my practice, I’ve found deeper resonance of power and grace. I can feel myself growing more whole. I know it’s not so much that I’m becoming more whole—I am already whole. We are all whole. Rather, I’m recognizing and experiencing my wholeness in deeper ways. With this wisdom, I can live into my fullness and be more in my life. In this moment, for me, this is the deepest nourishment. This is resilience.

⬩   ⬩ ⬩

I hope you find a way to celebrate the balance and invitations of this moment, this transition between times. I send you blessings of balance and resilience on the winds from New Mexico. I’m excited to share more of what I gather in meditation with you this fall, and I welcome you to share what comes up for you too.

Looking for more on resilience? I appreciated acupuncturist and author Lynn Jaffee’s post on the Roots of Resilience. Check it out at

Wide love, creatures.

Graham Wesley