Living Dreams: Paths & Allies for Changing Patterns

It’s always something.

I can’t pretend I don’t know the story. Write it down on my to-do list, file it away in the back of my mind.

There’s always that one dream that eludes me. My intentions are good. But…

  • there just aren’t enough resources

  • it’s too expensive

  • I’m exhausted

  • the to-do list is already a million years long

  • someone else needs me

But the biggest, strongest, MOST IMPORTANT reason is

I don’t believe I can do it..

I’ve got a lot of confidence. For better or worse, I follow my passions and choose my heart over my mind often. Very often.

But self doubt is strong, yall. The stories we’ve been told -- they’re loud. And their avenues in -- to our hearts, our minds, our spirits -- those roads are well worn. Most of the time it’s easier for me to give in to those worn stories, voices that tell me it’s impossible and I’m not quite good enough for that. Much easier to give in than to pave a new road, wear a new path in the direction of my dreams.

It’s not always a conscious decision. The realization usually sneaks up on me six or eight or twenty-four months later when I realize my dream still hasn’t come to life. My dream is still waiting in the wings and I’m over here running around in circles waiting for it to jump out all on its own.

Not. Anymore.

I’ve been hearing all around me that these past few weeks -- maybe a month or two for some -- have been easier. Goals seem more achievable. Intentions are being met in reality. I feel it too.

It’s been easier lately to hold strong to my intentions, to commit, to put in the work to make them real. It feels the universe is on my side — I’m following my heart and the wisdom of the world is on board. I trust something wonderful is coming of it. And what do you know, it already is.

I’m traveling in the direction of my dreams. More and more, my days are filled with things that matter, my energy is engaged with medicine that moves mountains, and I’m full of inspiration for what’s next.

I’m telling you all of this to let you know I feel you. It’s more than easy to get caught up in the pattern for doubt and distrust. It’s our normal. And I’m hoping you might find in these words a gentle reminder that it’s worth it -- to listen to your heart, to trust your dreams are essential, and to take another step today along that unworn path to making them come true.

The good news is that we’ve got resources. It takes time and energy, but gathering your tools towards your dreams is usually a bit of a different workout than 10 reps 5 times. Maybe it feels a bit brighter, more easeful, or just exciting. Try something new… we’re changing the pattern.

Read on for a few of the treasured earth medicine allies I trust when discerning the path I’ll choose today. Right now.

Clear Quartz.

Can I say it enough? There’s someone out there waiting to be your ally. A reflection of your soul, your deeper wisdom, to help you amplify the voice of your intuition and honor the true possibility ahead of you. Expansive possibilities await, and sometimes we can use some clarifying energy to open our senses to what we really know amidst all this noise. Connect with your clear quartz whenever you want to hear your inner voice loud and clear.


Do you know this magic? Mica is a mirror of our own brilliance, our goodness, our beauty. What if you could be reminded every single day just how good, beautiful, and brilliant of a being you are? You can find mica in much of the U.S., and sometimes when I’m walking in the mountains I find it’s generous presence sparkling along the trails and creekbeds. It’d be a great stone to wrap or put in a bundle to wear with you. Mica medicine is every day, one step at a time kind of medicine.


Do you know my friend? Passionflower is an herb I seek out to help me ground into the truth. This ally softens the noise and helps us distinguish ourselves from the chaotic dynamic around us to recognize where we are and what is real. It lightens the weight of stressors on the body and can help support us in finding that freedom that comes with trusting our deep wisdom. It’s an earthy sort of herbal tea and also is really nice to connect with through tincture. It only takes a little to feel the clarifying support of Passiflora.