Embodying Resources in the Spring Season

Equinox blessings, yall. I am celebrating.  Resonating in some potent medicine.  

I’m not always ready for spring, but this year the energy of this season is nourishing in ways new and important and I feel an almost overwhelming excitement for every turn.  

I’m working with some old patterns, remapping my embodied experience around 

  • Generosity   {being generous with myself to better understand how I can show up with generosity in relationship} 

  • Listening   {being present in conversations as my whole self, listening with the spaces inside me where there’s actual room to learn} 

  • Vision    {working toward what I see with intention every day} 

My work with these intentions is more than intellectual. I’m working to embody these pieces. This is my medicine.  

Spring Healing 

It’s just the right time. In elemental conversations, like the five element theory of Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with Wood, with Blood, Liver, growth, and vision.  

It’s a season where ideas spark a flame and we can actually grow into whatever it is we intend to create. We choose the way forward, holding in our steps intention as to where we’re going and all the potential of what may actually come to life. 

What is it you’re drawn to? 

Perspectives open up. Our senses are widening in new directions, our eyes leading the way, enticed and inspired. If we pay attention, we can harness the energy we find and engage it within ourselves. 

We’ve got options.  

We get to find the space in ourselves that we see in the world right now. All that potential is energy ready to grow, to become something. These dreams are within reach. It’s time to feel it, to live into it – to grow with the world around us. We can wake within ourselves the direction, the motion and vitality we see in the life waking up to spring all around us. 

We're in this space of growth.  

Not only what we’re birthing, but how can we grow into these layers of ourselves? It may require us to stretch ourselves, to be discerning about where we’ve room to go and how we might sustain our integrity in that space. 

Call this medicine in. 

Actualizing the vision. Building into the memory of ourselves, of our cells, this newness. Circulatory integration of our healing work. Embodying spring.  

We can gather this medicine into ourselves just by walking barefoot against the earth, softening into the spaces within ourselves, and engaging any movement and activity that supports our circulation, growing the communication within to reflect the potential, growth, and vitality expressed around us. 

If you’re seeking further resources for this medicine, I invite you to join us for the spring iteration of Embodying Resilience in person in Asheville on March 27. It’s an integrative gathering of ceremony and guided discernment around these intentions and collecting these resources. You can learn more and reserve your space at rootdeepliving.com/embodying-resilience