Sensitivities to Superpowers

Have I told you about the day I realized I had superpowers?

I was sitting in a classroom of devoted stone medicine students, listening with the wondrous Sarah Thomas who was connecting us with seriously potent ancient wisdom. I’d already found my wings (totally brilliant crystalline appendages made of my soul stones that unexpectedly popped up in meditation one day… if you’re curious, write me and we can talk more on that later) and I feel like I was almost just waiting for it - for someone I trusted to give me the language to live into my superpowers.

I remember knowing about them as a kid.

I remember the feeling of knowing I could do or be however I chose. As a kid, I practiced sending love to my friends and neighbors. Whenever I heard a siren I’d say a prayer, directing that energy towards anyone involved. In my early twenties, I began formal studies of energy work that gave me a container for the way I experienced the world. And five years later I heard it from the mouth of my teacher. “Your superpower.”

I honestly don’t remember any more of the context. I was too busy processing the affirmation that resonated in my being. Yes. These are my superpowers. Later, in another class, Sarah invited us to work with the stone medicine to build intention around learning our superpowers.

I’m still uncovering mine.

There are so many of them. And — in the process and in working with clients and students who also have superpowers — I’ve realized what it is that holds us back from figuring it out. There may be outside forces keeping us down, that’s for sure — some of us more than others (let’s talk dismantling white supremacy with these superpowers next time). But one of the biggest pieces of working with our superpowers is acknowledging their existence in the first place. Why?

Why do we avoid our superpowers?

Because superpowers can be hard work! Maybe you’ve heard someone say they’re an empath (and at least 50% of the time complain about the struggles of being empathic). Maybe you crave sugar on a tense day at work. Maybe your kid somehow manages to freak out immediately as you walk into the grocery store. Maybe you get tired or wired around large groups of people. Yall, there are so many ways our superpowers give us information. If we’re not paying attention, they can make some days feel pretty tough.

But when we’ve gotten to know them, they can make real change happen. This is how medicine works, more than anything. When we step into our power, new worlds open up to us.

What worlds are awaiting you?

I love having this conversation, so if you’re craving some support in navigating your superpower (and perhaps some of the challenges that come with it too) please join us for Sensitivities to Superpowers, a free online class coming up March 15. Register by signing up for the Root Deep Newsletter (earth medicine connection) or send us a note at Can’t wait to see you and your superpowers there.