elusive magic

elusive magic

just out of reach.

i sometimes get the feeling that everything i’m looking for is right in front of me, just behind my shoulders, or there beneath my feet.  all i need to do is gather it up from whichever direction it’s collecting + bring it to life.  

it’s a feeling of creative potential,

a capacity for everything. 

what’s possible is absolutely within reach.

but that reach, the stretch to gather it in + the guts to bring it into real life… that’s something powerful.  it can elude us, hiding behind stories we’re told by our people, their stories, our fears, our bank accounts, our schedules, our to-do lists, white supremacy + its patriarchy, + so often also ourselves.  it’s just too far to grasp, too possible to actually put into action.

for me, the reach, the stretch, the grasp — the integration of our deep wisdom, our imagination, our relationship with what’s beyond ourselves — requires practice.  outside of my practice, i find myself limited not only by the reach but by anxiety, doubt, + scarcity too. to be able to show up day after day + say yes. to have the strength to bring into the somethingness what’s just beyond it.  to live in the world with

all my magic, all my gifts, all my medicine.

magic, wonder, healing, transformation is elusive when we live in spaces of doubt + fear.  changing those dynamics takes resource, attention, application, + trust.  we are not meant to do it alone, nor will our dreams come into their fullness without the energy of our neighbors’, our family’s, + our friends’ dreams taking shape.  we’re creating this layer of magic together. i get to be a part of all of it. in health, my job is to be with my earthly companions in growing our capacity + bringing our medicine to life with integrity.

what are those practices that most nourish you? 

that bridge the gap between you + what’s under the surface, waiting on you to come to the light.  what does support look like? who are your allies? to build those muscles, to grow your trust, to turn dreams to life...  how can we do more of this together?