embodying resilience with earth

Even the word  earth 

carries this medicine.







This is the place where we can move beyond those limitations, exhortations, manifestations of the humxn experience that are anything other than love. And come home to love.

This is the solid floor, somehow still soft, it’s density giving way to my bare soles, allowing me to be and you to be and us to be here together. This is the space where not only imagine but experience intimacy with our neighbors, humxn, animal, plant, fungi, stone. Usually it seems more easeful to meet anyone other than humxn here, but I’m working on it, remembering what I have to learn from their medicine. I suspect you might relate to this seeking home in more-than-humxn spaces.

There’s Talk 

of a fifth season. I’ve learned of it through Chinese Medicine tradition as the latter part of summer when it seems we’ve been here for awhile and yet the season lingers. But something’s different. Maybe it’s in our environment, or maybe it’s us — ready for change, seeking a new sort of nourishment, eager for the space we can feel coming on the winds of autumn. Do you know what I mean?

I believe in the fifth season, this long summer stretch where I feel all the room for evolution but it’s not time just yet. My body knows it too — celebrating the bounty of summer but ready for a cleansing, a cooler resonance, something a little lighter. I don’t want to hurry summer along, but I love all of these seasons. They are such medicine for this being, and I get excited for every single one.

This fifth season, though — this extended summer. It’s a time to center. To connect with our dimensions, to understand what nourishes, to gather resources and build in a way that’s steady and free. Find a space of balance, to hydrate our tissues and move the energy within. To bring the resonance of our intentions into the cells of our tissues. To find clarity in ourselves, to know better those relationships within and without that feel like home. To resource and feed our adaptability, our resiliency, to establish that easeful base that steadies us in stress, conflict, and dis-ease. 

To remember the balance point — where is it that sets us free to move, to be, to receive and give and live our dreams, our truth, our fullness. Because at that fullness is the love we’re craving, the love that sources our passions and possibilities, the love that celebrates the wonder and transforms the challenge of this world.

In this World

In a wider view, we are in a season of true potential. Nearly every hour we have an option for evolution towards love. It’s personal and communal, concrete and spiritual, practical and essential. I find that finding earth is the first step in this direction. Earth informs my relationships, my responsibilities, and my capacities. Earth nourishes my spirit and my body so I have the energy to move into what is at once difficult, tiring, powerful, and possible.

I’m eager to celebrate this medicine, to soften into the wisdom of the earth, gather the nourishment this home offers, and engage this power to move in the direction of what I trust.

This is the medicine we center in Embodying Resilience, coming up Tuesday 8/13/19. Perhaps you’ll find it here with us, in ceremony and practice. I’m sure you know earth in other ways too. My prayer for you is that there is room — that you make room — in this season for deep, honest, powerful nourishment. Finding earth