a superpower story


I am eager (more than eager) to share some important medicine with you. But first, a story...

Once upon a time in herb school

I was getting to know pulses. I was grateful to have been paired up with one of my favorite classmates. As we sat across from each other and I held their wrist, dropping in through touch and some other senses I didn’t quite know yet, I realized I was gathering information I wasn’t expecting. You might say their light was shining through… It was unexpected, but I wasn’t surprised. Why wouldn’t it be true that in resting with a pulse, the rhythm of a person’s heart, their blood, an essential layer of this thriving being, I might meet something of their essence.

I followed the teacher’s instructions, discerning what I could of the pulse from a Chinese Medicine perspective — I was (and still am) just scratching the surface of the practice. But after we were finished, I found myself opening up, admitting to my friend that there was something more in our rhythmic conversation. I wondered if they might want to know what it was I had to share. 

With their permission, my words unfolded a layer of medicine I’d experienced. I thought — and hoped — that I was mirroring a truth they already knew. It was an honor to witness the gracefulness of this medicine beyond the words I knew how to speak, but in my speaking I realized that such a mirror was affirming that truth in a way that was medicine to them. I felt I was celebrating their superpower and, in the process, calling up one of my own.

I still find rhythmic news in pulses often, resonance that allows me to mirror something wonderful and true in words that might just need to be spoken. But what I’ve realized is how much medicine there is in this ability to see something magical, wonderful, and possible in the people around me. This has become the heart of my work — creating safe and healing space to witness our medicine, our superpowers, our truths in this life. And if I sound like I’m tooting my own horn, know that I’ve been on both sides of this story. And I expect you have too. I trust this is something we all carry.

We’re all mirrors.

We have different languages, stories, and capacities in our lives to be mirrors for each other, to honor the wisdom and beauty we carry, and to treasure the wonder present in this humxn experience. We are here to learn something, and how magnificent is it that our learning is aligned with our lifting each other up, offering nourishment and support in whatever way is most aligned for us.

Most days, I think we’re all in the healing arts — or at least we have an opportunity to be. Teachers, children, parents, friends — whatever a person’s job or passion — healing is everywhere. So if you are craving clarity on how to deepen your practice, how to engage your superpowers to grow a relationship with your medicine that’s authentic, supported, sustainable, and impactful, I have something beautiful to offer you.

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