Find the Perfect Fit to Align with Your Intentions

Based on the foundational awareness that we are our own medicine, that we already hold all the healing power we'll ever need and that, as we remember this, we have abundant allies present with us to be a part of our healing processes. 


I work in the company of potent and wise plant and stone medicine, but the most essential layer of work in this process is our thoughtful presence - tapping into the wisdom of the body, the wisdom of the spirit and soul, lessening the distinctions we've created between our physical, spiritual and energetic experience, dwelling in this life in a way that's whole, integrative, intentional and intuitive.


Choose among herbal medicine, stone medicine and embodied engagement or incorporate all three for your personalized session. Root Deep opportunities can take place in-person or long-distance over the phone or Skype.

Integrating Plants, Stones,
& Embodiment

The perfect place to begin. Connect over the phone for a free 20 minute consultation to discern whether Root Deep is a good fit for you and which services would be most supportive for you at this time.

Earth Medicine Session

Space for you to drop in, to listen and to be nourished by the medicine of the earth. Customized recommendations, on-the-body treatments and integrative healing offerings. Check it out.

Special Packages

Go deeper. Dive in to learn more about medicine by the river or in the woods, or check out one of Root Deep's sweet packages for dedicated space.