Medicine for Grief and Anxiety.

A companion for moving through the challenges of grief or anxiety. Carnelian supports us in creating flow, supporting movement when our experience carries weight and burdens our hearts and spirits. It’s medicine of courage in stepping up to difficult work, an ally for accepting what is and understanding how to move through it with support from within.

This stone is an important ally in finding freedom from that which weighs us down, to be more authentic, engaged, and inspired in our living.

Work with carnelian for weeks or months. Carry it with you and sleep with it. Creative meditative and restful space for yourself, and place your carnelian on your body.

Cleanse your carnelian under the sun during the noon hour or in warm running water.

These carnelians are about 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. They feel heavy and solid in the palm of your hand. Your stone will be similar is size and quality to the stones in the photo. Don’t worry - I’ll send you the stone that chooses you. Contact me at to make a more specific selection. I can’t wait to connect you with your gem!

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