Deep Stone Work Package

Deep Stone Work Package

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Stone medicine works at some of the deepest aspects of our humxn experience. Often, this medicine is most clearly felt when we engage it consistently over a period of time. Stone medicine treatments can be supportive for seasons of major transition and questioning and discernment as well as in ancestral and soul healing work.

You experience

  • Seven 60 minute Stone Medicine Treatments (recommended every one to three weeks) combined with 30 minute Earth Medicine Sessions (Sessions are 90 minutes total)

  • One half ounce stone elixir offered with each individual session (shipping may be requested)

  • Book additional sessions at 10% off the regular price

Deep Stone Work Package expires seven months from the date of initial purchase. Our general cancellation policy applies to all sessions.

Questions about whether this is the right fit for you? Email for to connect about your intentions.

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