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Noticing the power resonant around and within us.

The healing wisdom of water, it’s clarity and crystalline communication

resonant with our own crystalline beings

resonant with our own crystalline ways.

Join us to engage with stones and water together and create in connection medicine that resonates with our deepest layers.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019 6PM - 9PM
River Arts District | Asheville, NC


some of our deepest answers lie just beneath the surface
of the conversation we’ve been having.


This is medicine for folks who want to bring their stone connection or their water connection into wider resonance and remember, from that essential place, that we heal in relationship.


Find your resonance with the medicine of stones and water.

You’ll gather information about more than one way to make an elixir with all sorts of stones and take home an essence of your own for this moment in your journey.


A number of equity seats for People of Color are available for Stones & Water. Please send me an email at for more information.