Unfurling with Support


Chong Mai

The Chong Mai is one of eight extraordinary meridians in the practice of Chinese Medicine. Distinctive from the heart and liver and lung meridians and others associated with organ systems, with particular roles in our holistic systems, the extraordinary meridians like Chong Mai have to do with our wider story, the context through which we are where we are, who we are, doing what we’re doing, and being in relationship with it all. It’s no small event to sit down with these treatments. They are most aligned for us in those moments of big questions, transitions, and opportunities for transformation.

The extraordinary meridians invite us into conversation with our life’s path. What is our essence? Who are we, at our core? And how can we continue to dissolve those ideas, the programs, attachments, and constructs, that keep us from realizing and living into our essence right now? This is about transformation. It’s about birthing our essential truth. It’s a part of our resilience, our integrity, our relationship with all that is. It’s about our unfurling.

If you’re curious to learn more about the eight extraordinary meridians, to connect with your essence so you can shine authentically in your relationships, in your art, in your work, in your living... Give me a shout. Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation. Or check out my upcoming online gathering   b e n d i n g t i m e 4/19. Get 30% off when you register by Friday 4/6 with the code LIKEAFERN.




So many ways to cultivate our deep wisdom, our inner knowing, our wider self. One of my favorite ways to create more self-understanding and listen more deeply is to be creative. I grid with stones and sticks. I boogie in the living room. I try a new recipe (with an inspired change or two or seven… probably because there are never the right ingredients in my cupboard, but it’s intuitive practice too of course). I love to paint with no vision in mind. Just seeking out colors and shapes and strokes that fill a space in me in that moment. And I’m especially grateful for those moments when my creativity or emotions invite me to write. Just getting my thoughts on paper allows me to reflect on them from a different perspective and understand myself in a new way.

Interested in cultivating your intuition, listening with ease and trusting yourself more deeply? Take a moment to sit quietly. Breathe deeply, and allow your body to rest. And then ask yourself the simple question: Where do I know what I know? Where does your intuition rise up in your body? How do you connect with your inner wisdom. Start here, and allow your deep self to inspire where you’ll go next.

I’m certain we have a vast capacity for healing, that we’re already whole, and that being in touch with ourselves in this way, trusting ourselves, is an essential step in discovering our potential. Feel the same way? Check out my monthly series   b e n d i n g   t i m e or set up a free 20 minute consultation with me to chat about intuition, embodiment, plant and stone medicine, and other supports.



Yeah, I know. Everyone talks about meditation. It’s supposed to do this and that and help me be a better person and change my life.


But the bit of meditation that stands out the most to me is that this practice allows me to just be. I let go of my expectations, the ideas I have about who or how I should be, my worries and my sadnesses, my excitements, and my distractions, and I just am. If that isn’t some sort of powerful medicine in this wonderfully dynamic world, I don’t know what is.

Just being takes practice, but it comes faster than you may think. And it’s worth every second. If you’re interested in getting started, I recorded a meditation for you by the river on the first day of Spring. You can hear the water rushing -- it’s quite a strong stream -- and the occasional bird chirping too. Give it a listen this evening or tomorrow morning. You can find the meditation by clicking here or the link below. (Let me know what you think, and I’ll shoot you a coupon for a discount off Root Deep stones when our online store launches soon!)