A Bit About Me

Immersed in green. The lush, magical, breatheable green of a summer forest.

At 13, my favorite place in the world was a side road, an uncommon path through the woods at my home away from home, a very special summer camp southwest of Nashville, Tennessee. I always felt no one paid it much attention - it was an alternative route. A means to an end. Hiking to a campout or on an afternoon horseback ride, I felt it's magic was all for me, and those moments nourished me in ways I can't quite name. I spend most days trying to touch in words and meaning the medicine offered me by moments like those, the magical meanderings of this everyday experience of being human. 

I moved to Asheville in 2011, craving the rich, rain kissed forests of the Southern Appalachians. Within a year at home in the mountains, I'd jumped all the way in with herbal medicine, widening my relationship with ecological spirituality, health and wholeness that I'd formally begun while studying theology at Xavier University.

Since then, I've lived into brilliant instruction in wise company at the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism and the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine. Root Deep was born in 2014, and as keeper of all things medicine and learning for me, this little business has meandered a bit to land in here in its current iteration - integrating education, apothecary, individual sessions and community collaborations.

Its medicine, rooting deep, is everything to me. Inspired by my own spiritual journey, hoping always to make every move of our days meaningful, to integrate the intention, beauty and vitality of true physical wellness with the thoughtful practice of being in relationship on this planet. I'm in love with the work and in love with all the teachers and allies that continuously cross my path, from the tiniest little veronica flowers inviting me into spring to the spunky aloe that keeps my living room green. I hope Root Deep does the same for you. Read on to find out a bit more about what's happening here...

Essentially, we belong beautifully to nature.

The body knows this belonging and desires it.
— John O'Donohue


Find Your Medicine.

Root Deep is about integrative healing, creating space for you to find medicine for body and spirit, mind and heart, all in one place. Inspired by the wisdom of the earth, working with plants and stones, I invite you to choose the medicine that resonates most with you, your interests and your healing intentions. 

Offering a uniquely potent integration of earth medicines and intuitive awareness, Root Deep creates a quality experience that is wholly yours. Choose from internal support like herbal teas and tinctures, flower essences and stone elixirs. Or explore healing through earth medicine sessions with stones, sound, energy work and even movement. Each session is completely personalized, created just for you and your intentions. All of these offerings are focused on inviting you deeper into relationship with yourself and connection with the earth.

I encourage you to get started with a complimentary consultation so we can learn a bit about each other and be sure this is a good direction for you. From there, all sessions begin with an initial intake that's all about where you've come from, where you are now and where you're going. This is your whole healing we're talking about. Come meet new allies and find that deeper resonance craving your attention. It's all rooting deep.