earth medicine & embodiment



It lights you up, this medicine.

What if it could light up your little corner — or a bit more of — the world…

I know the feeling. I believe there’s a corner of the world, an edge of existence, a facet of the earthly imagination where your gifts are the gifts to change this space. 

I was in the in between space once upon a time. (Still am — there’s always an in between space.) If you’re like me, you’ve got a quality education, access to so much information, and a hearty start on the resources you need to do exactly what it is you dream of doing. So how do you engage with all the learning you’ve done, the information you’ve gathered, and the stories you’ve stowed to share this medicine with the world?

How do you harness your treasures to share something of this precious healing experience for other humxns?

Graham Wesley

I love teaching about clinical skills. I don’t have decades of experience (nearly six years now), nor do I have an encyclopedia for a mind or the herbalist’s dream library in my office. Instead of waiting thirty years to gather these resources which, at many times, seem like prerequisites to actually working with clients, I decided. With a great deal of support from people who saw me, who witnessed my medicine and reminded me of its value, I decided to try it. To step into the running waters of engaging earth medicine with others and build a practice around herbalism. Since 2014, I’ve been living into this medicine, falling more and more in love, learning so much as I grow, and engaging with truth and wonder and life to celebrate what is real and powerful and evolutionary about being with earth.

You have something truly unique to offer here.

I do too. Underlying all my excuses, all my questions, and all the reasons I might not quite feel like showing up to the party, I’ve realized — I’m the only one who can do it this way. And there are people who connect with me because of the way I am.

And I’ve also found that my work is so much more possible when I live into this truth rather than shape something I feel like I’m supposed to be doing. "Supposed to be” and healing don’t go much together for me. Being myself makes me just the right fit for someone seeking healing support.


So are you.

This is about your medicine. Clarifying, celebrating, engaging your medicine to be in relationship with the world as your most essential self. To me, this is all at once the precursor, continuing ed, and bulk of clinical studies. This is where the real questions get answered, and you step into practice with integrity, trust, and authenticity.

I cannot wait.

We have so many allies in this unfolding. There are options for you here and elsewhere too. Find what meets you. I’m here.




Ready to get aquainted with the wonder and potential of the medicine of the earth? 

Discern your next steps through the lens of traditional herbalism, Taoist stone medicine, embodied experience of the wild world or an integration of these deeply layered ways of healing. 


Herbal medicine fundamentals, potent stone medicine, deep embodied experience... There's always room to grow, more to learn and I'd love for you to share in the exploration with brilliant teachers and magical guides with root deep workshops and series.


Your medicine may be as near as your next cup of tea, a morning stretch, a moment of meditation or your evening read. Are you ready to dive in? 



Trust your process. 

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