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Jorie McCann

Jorie McCann is the owner founder of path, a healing arts practice incorporating Stone Medicine, Reflexology, and other integrative modalities in Durango, CO, and beyond.


path is about supporting you in living your most authentic life on all levels: spiritually, in the physical body and interpersonally. path is about supporting people in exploring where there is work to be done, identifying what is no longer serving them, and stepping into their next level of growth and expansion.

the practice

We use the wisdom of the stones to unlock your unconscious, tapping into deep reservoirs of inner wisdom to release the energetic obstacles keeping you from living fully in your truth. Through reflexology, I support you to release that which no longer serves, removing the barriers that keep you from optimal health and balance. As a Holistic Health Coach, I support you in the development of positive habits through accountability. By empowering you to explore and adopt sustainable ways of being, you will feel supported to create habits that will return you to your authentically healthy source. I am a big believer in gratitude and the idea that all bodies innately desire and are able to return to holistic health when given the opportunity through balance of spiritual, emotional and physical nourishment.


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