You Know

You are in this world in this moment to be in compassionate, intentional, collaborative relationship with what is and what’s to come.

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You’re Seeking

CLARITY  - How exactly is it I’m supposed to be doing this?

CONFIDENCE   - How do I make sure my deepest self shows up in all these layers of my being?

CONTAINER   - What does it look like to live into this wisdom I carry?

COMMUNITY    - How would my world change if I felt the web holding and nourishing me, if I felt that I was contributing to the whole in a powerful way?


Living Practice is

your opportunity to live into these questions. More than clinical education, Living Practice is a web, a framework to align you with wherever you are in the path, and place for you to land in this process, for you to find support around

  • Discerning how to apply all that learning you’ve been and will forever be doing

  • Honoring your authenticity by being your real self in the world every day

  • Moving through fear around putting yourself in a position of service

  • Engaging in questions of equity and justice on a personal, relational, and cultural level

  • Growing your practice, being your medicine with and for others

Be the wonder —

  • Own your authentic power in your work.

  • Understand how you’re supported by the medicine of the earth.

  • Harness the energy within and around you to make something of this medicine.

  • Live into the process and move with the flow around and ahead of you.

  • Experience support of a community centered around interconnectedness, deep wisdom, and truth.

  • Witness the realities of culture and consciousness that support and challenge you in your work.

  • Be of service to the world in alignment with your gifts and treasures.


Inspired by earth rhythms
Informed by your medicine
Anchored in crystalline clarity

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Living Practice includes

Three 50 Minute One-to-One Mentorship Sessions
Seven 60 Minute Classes (Recorded & Yours to Save for All Time)
Six 60 minute Living Practice Online Round Tables
Living Practice Online Collaboration Forum
Access to a Growing List of Resources for Your Practice

and more, loves…

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