Earth Medicine Fundamentals


A five month intensive, invitation will gather for class Tuesdays from February 5 through June 18 for six (9-4) or seven (9-5) hours of study. This course is about establishing a solid, intentional foundation in relationship with earth medicine, so that you feel comfortable taking that knowledge into the world. You will gather information, experience, and intuitive integrity and know where to resource information when it's beyond your knowledge. 

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Tuesdays    February 5 through June 18     9-5    200 Hours In-Depth Study

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Seven brilliant instructors bring their wisdom to the conversation, offering an integrative curriculum laid out for you below as well as eight hours of one-to-one mentorship where you can find a real connection and further develop your knowledge around specific interests by talking to real practitioners, medicine makers, gardeners and farmers, and guides committed to holistic wellness. Beyond our class time, you will have the opportunity to dive into guided self study around the areas of earth medicine that interest you most and practice for yourself working with plants and stones, medicine making, and being of service to your community.

Invitation will more than prepare you for second layer herbal education, including dwelling's second year of study, awakening, where you'll further develop your intentions and practice around earth medicine and holistic healing. 

Read on to find a few more details about invitation: earth medicine fundamentals and the course application.


200 Hour invitation Break Down

123 Hours  ▪▪▪  Invitation Classes
8 Hours  
▪▪▪  Mentorship
69 Hours 
▪▪▪  Documented, Self-Guided Study (average of 4 hours each week)

Self-Guided Study Includes

  • Medicine Making 15 Hours

  • Research & Homework 18 Hours

  • Wild Connection 18 Hours

  • Generous Relationship (creative engagement of your gifts in service or community involvement) 18 Hours

Highbush Blueberry by Kai

invitation Classes Include


Evolution of Healing Traditions & Practices         
Cultural, Racial, Economic, & Other Impacts to Healing Processes
Ethical Connection with Earth Medicine
Scope of Practice
Integrity in Your Practice
Intuitive Relationship with Medicine
Introduction to Embodiment
Introduction to Herbal Medicine
In-Depth Materia Medica for 21 herbs
Food as Medicine
Essential Oils + Aromatherapy

Vibrational Medicine with Flower + Stone Essences
Herbal Medicine Making
Introduction to Stone Medicine
In-Depth Materia Medica for 7 Stones
Medicine Cultivation + Wildcrafting
Imbalance & Patterns of Disease
Integrative Healing: Respiratory System
Integrative Healing: Digestive System
Integrative Healing: Circulatory System
Integrative Healing: Neuro-Endocrine System
Integrative Healing: Urinary + Generative Systems


What should I expect to gain from this course?

As an active participant in dwelling’s 200 hour invitation course starting February 2019, you can expect to meet weekly on Tuesdays with 14 other students. The course includes the study of 21 medicinal herbs and 7 medicinal stones. It encompasses the intellectual and spiritual inquiry of essential oils and vibrational medicine as they relate to supporting and balancing vital biological systems. The applications and wisdom learned can add value to existing professional healing practices and personally benefit you, your family, and your greater communities in profound, unquantifiable ways. The medicine is what you make of it, and all students are encouraged to dive with intention and integrity into this process and practice.


How do I begin?

Applications and admissions for invitation are now open. The course begins in February 2019. Space is limited, so prompt registration is recommended. Further layers awakening and presence, our intensive practical and clinical offerings, will be open to graduates of the invitation course as well as others who have completed the necessary prerequisites. Please contact us at to learn more about required classes.


What makes dwelling and invitation different?

We offer complex, in-depth, process-driven educational programs. The curriculum is robust and comprehensive. This is not a single hour workshop or a short immersion but a years-long inquiry.

You’ll experience the beauty and empowerment in learning how to make your own medicine and navigate the transformation to practitioner upon completion of the curriculum.

You’ll experience the value of true commitment to sourcing and making the highest quality medicines, different from buying herbal supplements from commercial brands and engaging those medicines with respect and integrity for holistic healing.

You’ll find throughout this course that your own healing is deeply connected with that of  your community. The instructors and guides for this course are committed to conversations around the importance of health justice, ethics and equality, cultural appropriation in holistic medicine, privilege, and community-based healing. You’ll leave with a real understanding of how you can bring this awareness into your life in ways that nourish you, the people you love, and our wider communities.


invitation is the first year of three annual courses designed to inspire and inform you
as you cultivate relationship and integrity with earth medicine. Learn more about years two and three.


Are you looking for work trade opportunities?

We are offering partial work trade for the 2019 Invitation course. If you have experience or interest in the following, connect with us at to learn more.

photography     • • •     social media     • • •     web design     • • •     marketing     • • •     communications     • • •     class assistance