inquiry and engagement with the medicine of the earth

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an earth medicine school

dwelling is a comprehensive dive into holistic earth medicine study. It’s designed to inspire a thorough examination of our humxn connection to the healing we can find in relationship with the natural world. The curriculum is comprised of three five month courses building from foundations to clinical practice with weekly classes and in-depth guided self study. Students may drop in for one year or go so deep with all three.

Courses teach tools and knowledge for the mastery and deepening of your own natural healing, engaging earthly forces and natural elements honored by our ancestors. dwelling focuses on traditions of herbal medicine, stone medicine, and embodiment. Students are poised to integrate acquired skills and wisdom into your personal and professional wellness practices.

dwelling begins with the invitation, the first layer of education. Throughout invitation, you can expect classes to involve thoughtful conversation around both the how and the why of earth medicine, meditation to deepen your relationship with your body, intuitive connection with plants and stones, medicine making, working one-on-one with instructors whose practices inspire you, and building connections to be of service in your community and make an impact through holistic medicine.

The program teaches on a variety of important topics including the basics of holistic medicinal traditions, how to cultivate intuition and an intuitive relationship with earth medicine, the ethics and safety of sharing medicine with family, friends, and community, medicine-making, cultivation and wildcrafting of herbs, using healing foods as medicine, and the importance of health justice.  Much of the coursework involves your personal journey, deepening these connections.


the dwelling curriculum


Who will benefit from this course?

Curious creatures, empaths, creatives, activists, artists, energy workers, and anyone consciously engaging in the path toward healing are encouraged to consider the dwelling program. The course is suitable both for personal and professional development.


What should I expect to gain from this course?

As an active participant in dwelling’s 200 hour invitation course starting February 2020, you can expect to meet weekly on Tuesdays in an intentional container with a small group of students. The course includes the study of 21 medicinal herbs and 7 medicinal stones. It encompasses the intellectual and spiritual inquiry of essential oils and vibrational medicine as they relate to supporting and balancing vital biological systems. The applications and wisdom learned can add value to existing professional healing practices and personally benefit you, your family, and your greater communities in profound, unquantifiable ways. The medicine is what you make of it, and all students are encouraged to dive with intention and integrity into this process and practice.


How do I begin?

Applications and admissions for invitation are now open. The course begins in February 2019. Space is limited, so prompt registration is recommended. Further layers awakening and presence, our intensive practical and clinical offerings, will be open to graduates of the invitation course as well as others who have completed the necessary prerequisites. Please contact us at info@rootdeepliving.com to learn more about required classes.

Notes from Students
Notes from Students
Notes from Students